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Virtual Meetings Here to Stay - How About The Virtual Conference/Exhibition?

Updated: Oct 22, 2020

Covid-19 has brought a whole new culture to the globe of virtual meetings helped by Zoom, Microsoft Teams, and a multitude of other platforms. Although previously widely resisted, it is now not only a new norm, but a new preferred way of meeting.

These platforms generously leapt on the bandwagon of lockdown, many promoting free use until the audience was hooked and, in order to have long enough meetings or good enough security fees, started to be charged.

Considered more personal for a one-to-one chat than a phone call, additionally more convenient and safe for larger meetings, as well as reducing travel costs and carbon emissions, the virtual meeting is here to stay whether Covid is or not!

Many platforms already exist in the USA for large conferences and conventions and event companies in the UK quickly started developing their own solutions. Those who were ahead of the virtual events game and yet not really accepted pre-Covid have become the most fully-booked venues around.

As a small events organiser with events planned throughout the year, we too had to reach out quickly and find our own solution. Having been an early victim of so-called "Zoom bombing", we were reluctant to go down that popular root. We used a platform that we had been reviewing for the past year and trusted, however this turned out not to be a solution for the future.

We have researched many platforms across the globe and have come to the conclusion that there are very few, if any, who are cost-effective for SMEs, provide an excellent interaction and meetings ability, are user-friendly, and can be set-up within days.

Therefore, we have put together our wish list of functionality for a platform for small to medium-sized events from our research and professional experience:

  • Intuitive user experience

  • Affordable event fees

  • Hands-on support

  • Friendly, modern feel

  • Can be white-labeled

  • Short-lead in time

We would value your feedback, observations, and comments.

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