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WFH - Work for Yourself

After 30+ years of running several SME's and her own company, Alison Cryer will be running a short series of webinars on what to look for when starting up your own business, sharing partners, communications and tried and tested systems. She will reflect -on why she started her own company in a recession, what a lifestyle business means, and share her experiences. She will also look at how to reach the new UK consumer.

Did you know that.....

80% of the travel and tourism industry has been furloughed, when the average across the UK economy is 30% per industry.

The travel and tourism sector will not return to pre-covid levels for at least 3 years.

A high level of redundancy is anticipated.

We are in a major L-shaped recession that will continue until September 2021.

Now is the time to reflect, review, and replan your future career. Are you likely to be one of those made redundant? Whether you are or not, are you happy doing what you do in the "new normal"? Has the lock-down shown you a new way of balancing your work, wellness, and life? If you are happy what new skill sets do you need to adapt to the new normal and how do you develop them? Are you ready to join the world of start-ups?

Now could be the time to shift your skills, pivot your career or enter a new sector. It is certainly the time to reflect especially if you are still furloughed.

Contact us if you would like details of the webinar series or leave your comments below.

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