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Majorca Promotes Safe and Sustainable Tourism to Visitors at Virtual World Travel Market 2020

London, 16 November 2020 - Last week, from 9 until 12 November, Majorca Tourist Board and the Majorca Tourism Foundation (MFT) met with members of the British tourist industry during the virtual edition of World Travel Market (WTM). In the thirty meetings organised at the prestigious event, Majorca Tourist Board relayed information on health protocols and the development of safety measures, regulations and prevention actions. Due to this, Majorca was able to prepare visitors for the new safety protocols implemented and inform them on how they may impact their visit to the island, whilst also maintaining quality service guarantees. The Foundation also announced their plans for sustainable tourism and shared details about the island’s new app called “Playas Seguras” (Safe Beaches), which will be launched for the 2021 season.

Majorca at Virtual WTM 2020

The Majorca Safe Tourism website was referred to during the event to provide informative resources to the British market about everything that should be taken into account when travelling to the island, ranging from the arriving at the airport or staying in a hotel, to the different available leisure activities or the use of public spaces. The website also contains presentations and videos from the Safe Majorca Forum, held last month on October 29th.

Besides demands for information regarding Majorca’s response to the pandemic, the British market has also shown interest in how Majorca can provide sustainable tourism to consumers. Majorca’s strategic plan marks the roadmap for the development of the island's tourism industry in the coming years, with the mention of new initiatives, such as the new mobile app for beaches, called “Playas Seguras” (Safe Beaches), which will be available in 2021. The app with enable the crowds on the beaches of the island to be monitored, with the information generated about the use of these public spaces being available to both residents and visitors.

Majorca's participation in WTM is part of the promotional activities the Majorca Tourism Foundation carries out in the United Kingdom, which is one of its main target markets. The UK is the second largest market for tourists to Majorca, with the island seeing the greatest number of British tourists of all the islands in the Balearic archipelago. Additionally, of the 3.7 million British tourists that visited the Balearic Islands from January to December of 2019, 2.4 million went to Majorca, which was a 2.7% increase to the previous year.

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About Majorca Tourism Foundation

Majorca Tourism Foundation manages the promotion of Majorca as a tourist destination. It is a not-for-profit organisation within the public sector, integrated in the Majorcan Government. Its aim is to encourage the promotion of tourism to the island in the national and international markets. In addition it is responsible for the creation of tourism products, the management of tourist services in general, and any activity that aims to promote tourism to the island. To achieve its objectives FMT organises and participates in national and international tourism promotional meetings. In order to project the image of Majorca as an audio-visual set and film tourism destination abroad it works with the Majorca Film Commission, as well as collaborating with different public and private tourism agencies in order to co-ordinate the promotion of the different tourism products.

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