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Ensaimada: Bake-Off made in Majorca.

Whilst the island offers a wide range of local home-made sweets such as the neules, cocas de patata or almond-based nougats, the ensaimada, a spiral shaped local delicacy, embodies Majorca 's bakery scene and has everybody salivating.

Handed down from one generation to the next since the 17th century, it gained international posterity when its making was recognised and endorsed by two quality certifications from the European Union: the PDO (Protected Designation of Origin) in 1996 and the GI (Geographical Indication) in 2003.

Golden in colour, this crunchy pastry is eaten daily by the locals for breakfast or as an afternoon snack. Large or small, they can be found in every patisserie, baker’s and café around the island, inviting tourists from all over the world to indulge in this unique and characteristic taste of the region. And no festivals, gatherings or celebrations would be complete on the island without this culinary delight on the table.

Made from simple, local ingredients such as flour, eggs, sugar, water and yeast it is the addition of lard (saim in Majorcan) that gave this recipe its name: enSAIMada.

Traditionally, the ensaimada is eaten plain or dusted with icing sugar, however there are many variations and fillings available including cream, chocolate and custard. Enhanced versions of this delicacy such as the tallades, a ensaimada stuffed with Sobrasada sausage and pumpkin, can also be enjoyed during special occasions including Carnival and Lent.

Regardless of the seasons, Majorca truly is a culinary destination. The local cuisine boasts all the benefits of the Mediterranean diet and features a rich selection of high-quality local produce thanks to its year-round mild climate.

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