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Keeping up with 2022 travel trends

Updated: Jan 9, 2023

The beginning of the year is often a time of looking ahead and pondering what it will hold, and 2022 is no different. Many people have been held back from travelling over the past two years and so will be itching to get back out there, but where exactly are tourists looking to visit? And what type of getaway are they after? The pandemic has certainly reshaped the travel and tourism industry, so what are the changes we can expect for the future?

Where do people want to go and why?

The desire to get away has only been strengthened by the pandemic, with experts from the Artisan Travel Company suggesting that tourists are both willing to spend more money on the cost of their trip in addition to an increased spending budget while away. This greater willingness to splash out on a trip has pointed towards more travellers looking to visit their dream destinations and making every moment count in order to make up for the lost time. Why not make that bucket-list trip, a chance to experience the atmosphere of vibrant Miami?

What permanent changes have the pandemic brought about?

Another big change we can expect is the emergence of a new style of holiday; the working-holiday. This is certainly not a new concept, but newly available to many more than before. The Managing Director of Tui UK suggests that this type of trip is becoming more popular as it allows tourists to immerse themselves in the culture and make up for trips that they’ve missed out on in previous years. The huge increase in remote workers means that this type of getaway will only get more popular as those desperate to get away will flock to hotels around the globe to maximise the benefits of their work/life balance.

What do travellers want to get out of their holiday?

On the other hand, others are prioritising going tech-free whilst on their breaks due to how tied to our tech we are in the "nine-to-five". Research from found that 73% of travellers said their holidays would be strictly work-free in 2022, and 68% would rather take less time off if it meant being able to completely switch off while away. These holidaymakers are looking to ground themselves in nature once again, having become so disconnected from the real world in their professional life. These types of travellers will be looking to recharge in remote destinations such as in a Samoan fale or picturesque beach in Calvià.

However, many travellers are feeling held back by the possibility of restrictions coming into place that may mean they lose out on their hard-earned money. Therefore, the use of technology in the industry is going to need to continue adapting and evolving to compete with the volatility of present-day travel. Expect to see an increase in technology aimed at settling these fears in consumers. Majorca Tourism Foundation released the Safe Majorca app and website which shows you how to plan your trip whilst reassuring you of Covid measures. During your visit, the app tells you how full beaches are and where lifeguards can be found.

Are you following the trends for this year, or straying from the crowd? Have you booked your 2022 holiday yet?

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