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Leisure Travel Industry Facebook Live Events

Updated: May 5, 2020

This week we participated in a couple of insightful events run by TTG here are a few notes of the key points we took away with us.

ONE WEEK AT A TIME - Luxury Travel Moderator: April Hutchinson, Editor TTG Luxury Guest: Claire Moore, Managing Director, Peakes Travel Elite High end clients are as just nervous as anyone else.

Cruise lines are the suppliers that have been the most consistent in messaging

and communications with the trade. The 125% future cruise credit offered by some cruise lines has helped prevent waves of cancellation. Plus cruise passengers are very loyal and therefore many have postponed rather than cancelled.

Tour operators must have a clear line of communication to support their travel agents and make sure that they create and update a COVID section on their website. E-shots do not work as too many are sent an they get lost amongst others.

Enhanced commission offered by some tour operators will not necessarily lead to discounted holidays and boost the demand since many travel agencies will use the extra commission to keep afloat and/or look after their staff.

Future bookings are only just starting to trickle through. As people are likely to travel less often over the next few months, they seem to be spending more on their holidays by upgrading their accommodation or maybe extending the duration of their holiday.

AGENT MATTERS - Marketing Focus Moderator: Abra Dunsby, Acting Features Editor Panel: James Beagrie, Managing Director Meon Valley Travel / Kate Holroyd, Founder, Strawberry Holidays / Kiri Dulay, Marketing & Social Media Manager Midcounties Co-operative PTA's.

The panel discussed successes and tips:

  • The last few weeks have been very busy for travel agencies' marketing staff since they've had to find new communication channels to engage with clients and establish a clear key messaging.

  • The past few weeks have been an opportunity to grow online audiences and organise digital events to keep them engaged.

  • The numbers of newsletter subscribers, open rates and click through rates have increased massively whilst unsubscribe rates have dropped.

  • The frequency of weekly newsletters has not increased as people would start unsubscribing. However social media channel tend to be updated daily.

  • Communications should allow for the agent's personality to come through so that the customer feels a connection.

  • Virtual trips are starting to lose traction. Clients want something real

  • There are new narratives that have gained traction during the past few weeks: sustainability, nature, green tourism, togetherness, multi generational holidays as well as adventure & touring.

Andrew & Pete on YouTube is a great way for furloughed marketing staff to broaden their knowledge -

Next week we will be listening in to events from other industry partners.

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