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The Value of LGBTQ Customers

The members of the LGBTQ community are expected to be among the first to ramp up their spending and travel schedules post COVID-19.

  • The LGBTQ segment accounts for more than 10% of tourists worldwide and approximately 16% of the total travel spending, which is more than $195 billion a year accordingly to the WTTC.

  • The LGBTQ community travels more frequently than the rest of the population due to a different culture and a larger disposable income. They travel all-year round as the community does not tend to have children.

  • Much of LGBTQ tourism is attracted by huge LGBTQ events attended globally throughout the year by about 5 million visitors.

  • LGBTQ travellers are brand loyal and support brands that invest in or support their communities.

  • LGBTQ travel is tipped to become more mainstream over the coming years with more hotel/destinations opening their doors to the community.

  • Many DMOs have started to recognise the value of the LGBTQ tourism sector as high-spending cultured travellers with discerning taste.

  • With the current steep decline of business travel expected to last until 2021, destinations need to recover this loss in revenue by focusing their marketing strategy on many different clusters of the leisure market. The LGBTQ community travels more frequently than any other niche tourism sector, therefore destinations have a lot to gain by connecting and building a long lasting relationship with LGBTQ visitors.

  • When travelling the LGBTQ community is looking for a vibrant nightlife, unique experiences but first and foremost a sense of security. Safety is key since about 40% of the community claims to have been either abused or discriminated against during their holidays.

  • Amidst COVID-19, specialised LGBTQ travel agents and tour operators are seeing an increased demand for boutique hotels and villas over resort hotels. On the other hand, the once-very-popular cruises are at an all-time low and they are not expected to pick up in the foreseeable future.

Marcus Schäfer from Buzz Travel talked to Qurated Tourism’s CEO, Bernard Lynch.

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