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Sustainable Business Practice in Tourism

At Representation Plus we deeply care about sustainability and NOW is the time to implement the right protocols and adopt the latest business standards for tourism promotion and development.

This includes strengthening current and introducing new and revised sustainable practices for the representation of tourism products and services, within the highest global ethical standards of operation.

Tourism of the future is based on responsibility and safety, diversity and accessibility, respect for the environment, local culture and wildlife, healthy lifestyles, regenerative travel, and sustainable development.

These principles and practices are embedded in all our strategies for developing and promoting tourism. They are directly connected with the new business models, digitalisation and efficiency, and are in response to the changed needs and desires of the global traveller.


  1. Eliminate Greenwashing. Don’t talk about it, do it!

  2. Collaborate on a green scheme for tourism promotion.

  3. Promote sustainable and regenerative tourist experiences.

  4. The acquisition and sharing of new knowledge.

  5. Coordinated global marketing activities and networking. Buy Local go Global!

  6. Minimum travel or maximum length of stay, maximum impact.

  7. Hybrid and virtual meetings and events.

  8. Ensuring safety for staff, guests, clients, and tourists.

  9. Use green supply chains.

  10. Minimise wastage, printing, and promotional materials.

  11. Reduce the use of plastics and cut out single-use plastic.

  12. Low carbon consumption and move towards renewable energy usage.

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Feb 16, 2023

Great tips. Thanks for sharing!

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