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Holidays from Hell are No More!

I distinctly remember one of my first holidays with my friends. We were excited about the prospect of exploring a city in Europe on our own adventure. Yet, the long weekend was not as we had expected and the stress of organisation, and the lack of, had caused it to become (the now very funny) holiday from hell.

Unbeknownst to us, we had decided to arrive on the Day of Ascension, a national holiday in that country. Therefore, all of the shops, supermarkets, and, most importantly on a cultural weekend away, restaurants and bars were all closed. After spending around 2 hours searching desperately for somewhere to fill our hungry stomachs, we stumbled across a lovely Italian restaurant – not quite the local cuisine we were desperate to try!

On finishing our meal, we headed to our Air BNB, a beautiful cabin on the wooded outskirts of the city. First, we needed to get there, but the buses were on a limited timetable, meaning our 20-minute journey turned into a 2-hour wait. Yet, little did we know that after this, we were headed for a freezing night with no heating and no WIFI! There was a TV, but the owner announced that we were unlikely to get any signal. After our chaotic day, this really was the icing on the cake, and we could not do anything but laugh.

One thing I drew from this experience was that organisation is key! But organisation means time-intensive research which is not always accurate or fruitful! What if there was some way to get insider knowledge at the same time as not having to spend too much time booking and researching breaks in a time-poor world? With Covid-19, this also adds to the stress of holiday booking; which areas are safe? Are there safety measures in place?

Yet there is a simple solution to these questions and concerns: introducing Travel Concierge!

Turkey Portugal

In partnership with destination management companies (DMCs), our Travel Concierge service offers clients a bespoke luxury travel experience on the ground. Our DMCs have been carefully selected and are a group of established professionals who have a proven track record of consistently delivering exceptional travel experiences time and time again. Their local presence and intimate knowledge of the destinations they operate in, coupled with their high standards and partner relationships make them our supplier of choice. All partners observe international COVID-19 protocols in line with local requirements and ensure their suppliers do the same, making your holiday safe and stress-free. Our "travel concierges" will organise everything from transport to accommodation, from restaurants to excursions, delivering personalised itineraries, and revealing hidden gems.

Portugal India

Our travel concierge service offers a perfect break from your busy world; sit back and let someone else worry about you having a great trip!

Our destinations include:

- Argentina

- Brazil

- China, Hong Kong and Singapore

- Cyprus

- Czech Republic

- Egypt

- Emirates

- India

- Israel

- Jordan

- Kenya, Tanzania and East Africa

- Malta

- Montenegro

- Portugal

- Spain

- South Africa

- Thailand

- Turkey

- Ukraine

If you are interested in one of our bespoke travel experiences, don’t hesitate to contact us on or 020 8877 4500! Alternatively, you can fill in one of our forms or find out more information here Travel Concierge

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