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Celebrating Fa’a Samoa for Cultural Diversity Day 2021.

London, 21 May 2021 – Today marks World Cultural Diversity Day, which was first established by the UN in 2002 and aims to celebrate the many different cultures all over the world to champion and encourage sustainable development.

Known as the birthplace of Polynesian culture, the islands of Samoa - also known as the Treasured Islands of the South Pacific – are home to one of the world’s most ancient culture, kept alive through its Fa’a Samoa (the Samoa Way). Stretching back more than 3000 years, Fa’a Samoa celebrates traditional values, culture, and environment with a strong emphasis on community. This ancestral way of life has shaped Samoa as a sustainable destination with protected, natural wonders and emphasis on community well-being, economic development, and environmental conservation across the nation.

One of the best things about a visit to Samoa, is that traditional culture is not something just on show at tourist attractions. People still live with a strong focus on Fa’a Samoa which is reflected in most aspects of Samoan daily life. There are three main pillars to Samoan society: the church, close and extended family, and the tribe/village you are part of. Rather than functioning in a nuclear way where individuals/small groups largely fend for themselves, life in Samoa is all about being part of a larger community that looks after each other. Samoan values and this communal way of thinking means people are friendly. Rather than keeping to themselves they welcome visitors with their trademark smiles and open arms. Visitors staying in a local beach fale (traditional thatched roof accommodation) are likely to find themselves eating with the local village, playing with the local kids, and even listening to the local gossip!

The islands’ rich cultural heritage can also be explored through the Samoa Cultural Village located in the centre of capital city Apia or during a Fiafia night. These cultural evenings, usually organised on a weekly basis by most of Samoa’s hotels and resorts, provide the audience with an unforgettable insight into the local culture, through traditional dancing and singing, often complemented with local delicacies traditionally cooked on an umu, or earth oven, which is formed of volcanic rock.

Guests visiting Samoa have the choice of staying in a wide range of eco-friendly accommodation, from traditional wooden beach fales and self-catering bungalows/villas to sustainable luxury hotels and surf resorts. In Samoa, sustainable tourism has been in place for many years Here, most of the resorts contribute towards the local economy by paying a tax to the neighbouring village(s) who own the land, hiring locals to operate their business and sourcing food from nearby farmers and fishermen.

For updated information on future travel to Samoa visit, as well as the UK FCO website


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Samoa Tourism Authority

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Samoa: The Treasured Islands of the South Pacific

The islands of Samoa - The Treasured Islands of the South Pacific - are the true heart of Polynesia. Ten islands of stunning wild beauty, Samoa - or Independent Samoa as it is now known to avoid confusion with American Samoa, is a paradise waiting to be explored. From powder soft beaches to warm tropical seas, colourful coral reefs alive with marine life. The rugged, lush interiors reveal endless wildlife, waterfalls, and hiking trails.

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