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Over 70% Of Millennials Are Keen To Travel Before The End Of The Year.

Updated: Jun 27, 2020

Recent surveys have revealed that over 70% of millennials are ready to resume travelling, Katie McGonagle, Features and Supplement Editor for Travel Weekly spoke to Donna Jeavons, Sales & Marketing Director for Contiki, Andy McKay CEO and Founder of Ibiza Rocks Group Ltd and Nathan Cable CEO and Co-Founder of Party Hard Travel. Here is what we have taken away from the discussion.

  • The value of the youth market has never been this high as travel is deemed an essential for millennials who typically take a few holidays a year.

  • Over the last 10 years, the younger traveller's holiday habits have changed drastically, moving away from the stereotypical party holidays that many large UK tour operators used to feature in their youth brands.

  • Today, millennials are seeking local, authentic experiences. They wish to get “under the skin” of the countries they visit.

  • This generation is very aware of social responsibilities and the importance of sustainability and wildlife.

  • The destinations also have to be social media friendly and “Instagram worthy”.

  • Over 50% of millennials struggled with their mental health during the lockdown as they desperately craved social interaction.

  • Furlough and unemployment has been hitting the younger workforce particularly hard. As a consequence, demand for gap years and sabbaticals is on the rise.

  • According to market research conducted by Ibiza Rocks, 80% of millennials interrogated stated that they are ready to travel as soon as possible. The survey also revealed that less than 50 % of them are planning to visit a nightclub.

  • Bookings have been coming in for departures as early as July 2020 despite the quarantine measures currently in place.

  • Air capacity out of the UK is a major concern. It will need to increase very quickly to meet the demand for late summer holidays bookings once the quarantine is lifted (or air corridors are agreed upon).

  • Activity holidays such as sailing, skiing and island hopping are showing to become the next best-selling product for the youth market.

  • Working holidays in Australia and New Zealand are expected to become very popular.

  • Whilst 60 to 70 % of Contiki’s customers (aged 18 to 35) travelled solo before COVID-19, most of them are now enquiring about travelling with friends in an effort to rekindle with their social circle.

To listen to the full webinar session click here

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