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#MiamiShines and stands by you as you stand by...

Greater Miami finds a way to shine every single day of the year. Its diverse neighbourhoods are all about vibrance and energy. And we could all use a little of both at the moment! It's also about life-affirming positive vibes, full-on optimism and the can-do attitude of its people. It is a place where sunrise and sunsets are equally radiant, where cafecito hour brightens afternoons and where luminous moonlit skies light up the night.

That's how Miami shines, every single day of the year. And that bright, beautiful, sun-drenched attitude permeates everything, every place and everyone.  And it will await... Standing by you as you stand by....

The Greater Miami Convention & Visitors Bureau has launched various initiatives to support its hospitality industry, key workers and residents and you will a lot more information on the below links

For now we leave you with this brand new #MiamiShines video. Enjoy!

Click here to watch the video.

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