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Majorca reinforces its COVID safety policies

Majorca continues with its successful health and safety strategy which was established at the beginning of the pandemic. In the middle of the tourist season, measures continue to be developed and monitored in every area of the tourism industry, both in the public and private sectors. The island has implemented practical measures and updated their website and new “Majorca Beaches” app. This week, the Majorcan Government has offered their vaccination programme to all adults over the age of 16 to increase COVID safety.

The stakeholders involved in Majorca's tourism industry have implemented practical solutions and protocols for safe stays that are already in progress in tourist establishments, on the beaches, and at tourist sites, cultural and sporting events and the airport itself. The island's healthcare infrastructure has demonstrated its strength through a primary care service and a network of hospitals (both public and private) that has never reached overcrowding levels, despite the pandemic.

Technological tools

Majorca has launched two new technological and interactive tools aimed at reinforcing safety at the destination and helping to make stays on the island easier.

First, the Playas de Mallorca (Majorca Beaches) app provides information on all of the island's beaches with a lifeguard service available in real time on mobile devices. The application offers detailed information on the beaches' capacities and bathing facilities, and is available in four languages: Catalan, Spanish, English and German.

For those travelling to Majorca, there is useful information on the website about all aspects of their journey to and from the island, as well as vital tips for during your visit. As well as information such as testing, healthcare and entry requirements, there is also inspiration for all the aspects related to a stay in Majorca, such as accommodation and things to do. The site is intuitive and dynamic, and available in English, German, Spanish and Catalan.

Additionally, visitors can receive personalised assistance through WhatsApp. Majorca Council's Tourism Offices can be contacted directly by telephone on 699 294 742 (Monday to Friday from 10:00 to 17:00 and Saturdays from 9:00 to 15:00).

Vaccination Programme

The island's vaccination programme is underway and the population's most vulnerable have now been vaccinated. As of this week, vaccinations have now been offered to all adults over the age of 16, making Majorca one of the first places in Spain where a universal vaccination system is being implemented.

Safety and sustainability

It is important to highlight the island's strong commitment to sustainability, a policy that also involves the highest standards of safety and security. The island is an affiliated member of the UNWTO and of the international network of Sustainable Tourism Observatories, and holds the renowned UNTWO certificate, which is fully engaged with the objectives of the 2030 Agenda.


For further information, images or to set-up an interview or press trip contact:

Amy Layton

Representation Plus


Mobile: 0776 816 2683

Telephone: 0208 877 4500


The Majorca Tourism Foundation, responsible for the promotion of Majorca as a tourist destination, is a 100% public, non-profit entity, and part of the Conseil de Mallorca, the island's governing body. It aims to encourage the promotion of the island to national and international markets, as well as create new tourist products, manage tourist services in general, and any activity that aims to promote tourism on the island. Among the main activities that the foundation carries are the organisation and participation in national and international meetings positioning Majorca's brand as an audiovisual set and film tourism destination.

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