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Outbound Travel Options For Brits

It took until Friday 03 July for the British Government to announce travel corridors with France, Italy, Spain and Germany and publish its long-awaited list of countries whose quarantine restrictions would be lifted not only allowing visitors from these destinations to enter the UK without any quarantine restrictions and for Brits to visit and re-enter the UK quarantine free - but does that mean every country on the list is ready and willing to welcome us?

Not at all....

Of the 67 destinations on the list, there are only 20 countries that we can visit today without quarantine, self-isolation or testing on arrival including the 4 above: Austria, Andorra, Belgium, Czech Republic, Denmark, Gibraltar, Liechtenstein, Luxembourg, Monaco, The Netherlands, Poland, San Marino, Serbia, Switzerland, Turkey and La Reunion. With d Malta Greece maybe opening up from 15 July. Bearing in mind that 16 of the destinations listed are completely closed to international tourists it makes you wonder what criteria was applied to come up with this list. The remaining countries either require self-isolation, quarantine or some form of testing on arrival.

The next review

A further review is planned by 27 July, so its Europe for those planning to escape for now. Unless of course, you decide on a staycation which have been opening up across the country this week with the added bonus of reduced VAT to only 5% on accommodation and hospitality.

Watch this space!

Correct at the time of writing do always check #fcotraveladvice before booking and travelling and the #antor website for further formation.

If you have a dream destination you wish to visit pop it in our chatbox - we may already have been there and can share some travel tips.

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