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10 Tips for Staying Productive and Motivated During Lockdown

Updated: Jan 9, 2023

1. Maintain a daily routine, including daily exercise, waking up and going to bed at a similar time.

2. Dress up and put on a nice dress or your favourite shirt even if you are just staying at home, it will help you feel more put together and ready for the day.

3. Write a to-do list, even if it's a small task such as doing your daily chores or calling someone.

4. Make sure to interact with friends and family on a daily basis, whether it be over the phone, through a virtual game, or on video chat.

5. Go on a daily walk, fresh air will help you clear your head and makes you feel instantly better.

6. Eat healthily and experiment with new recipes and home-made dishes (See one of our favourite Samoan recipes under Personal Wellness).

7. Dedicate an area in your home where you do your work and another area where you relax and unwind.

8. Read a new book that has been on your reading list since forever but you just never got around to reading.

9. Learn something new, whether it be a new foreign language or a new hobby such as painting or meditating.

10. Last but not least, keep dreaming and planning. Now is the perfect time to research and start planning future travel trips and destinations to visit next year!

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