Uniting on Purpose with BoB at the L&D Webinar

Representation Plus partnered with BoB to show over 50 other business owners how they can unite on purpose and bring their business mindset into 21st-century thinking. The programme is curated by industry experts, Linzi Boyd and Darren Shirlaw, who combine their expertise in business and economics to help businesses begin a brand-led approach, rather than one of just sales and statistics. I joined for the first time to see what it was all about.

Through a brand-led approach, small and medium businesses can take a step beyond simply “doing” business and thinking about “what” and “why” they carry out their practises. by finding their purpose, hence "uniting on purpose". Linzi and Darren argue that this can give a business or businessperson a legacy giving them recognition not only within their industry but also outside it as a “guru” or “celebrity”. However, this is all down to the individual business and what they identify their personal goals and purposes are. For example, our purpose is "shifting tourism for tomorrow's adventures". The BoB School helps businesses find their formula through interactive online classes includes helpful worksheets.

Darren, a funding manager and economics expert turned public speaker, also explained about the world’s current economic recession and his predictions based on historical trends and current statistics. The L-shape recession we currently find ourselves is evidenced by the sharp decline in the economy in March enhanced by pandemic-induced global lockdowns. Darren argued that there are three subsequent stages resulting from this, with Linzi adding how businesses should react. These are:

1) Shock phase – March 2020 – June 2020

  • Businesses naturally went back into the community and reacted with a human response

2) Recovery phase – June 2020 – December 2020

  • We are nearing the end of the economic recession recovery period which is challenged by the on-going pandemic

  • Governments have begun to release statistics about the state of the national economy for Q2

  • Businesses should become flexible and pivot quickly to take advantage of the current situation, whilst remaining cautious, reflective and evaluative

3) Rebuild phase – January 2021 – September 2021

  • People will have more knowledge and understanding of the pandemic and how to deal with it, resulting in more bravery in leaving their houses raising consumption levels. However, with the pandemic, this all depends on personal wealth

  • This will also spark new consumer habits regarding sustainability and consumer responsibility

  • Businesses should reflect on their own consumption habits and how they are going to carry out business practises in the new era

  • This phase is a vital period of growth and businesses should currently be preparing for the start of it in January

If this has given you some inspiration and you are interested in how you can unite on purpose and join the quiet revolution, take a look at the L&D programme here

use our passcode "representationplus" when you sign in.

Next week, Representation Plus' MD Alison Cryer will be at the Unite on Purpose Global Summit speaking on Uniting on Brand and chairing a panel on Travel & Tourism. Will you join Alison and 50+ global speakers from around the world to begin to connect, learn and trade in a new way? They are uniting on purpose on 25-26 November for more info see www.uniteonpurpose.com. Use the code "representationplus" to access special rates and donate 30% of your ticket price to the FHA Charity.

What is your business' purpose? Have you got your business plan in place for the rebuild phase? Do you want to find your formula? Will you be joining us at the BoB Global Summit?

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