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Finalised 2019 IPS figures / UK annual tourism stats 2019

The headline figures show that while visits were up just 1% but spend was up 7% - which was most probably a result of the pound decreasing in value by about the same amount over the main summer season. Within this the main growth was in the holiday segment, with business visits showing a further decline due to Brexit uncertainty. 

However, what is important is that the figures in the report have been produced using an improved methodology, relating to adjusting the weighting applied during the survey’s processing. This improved method has been used to produce the final travel and tourism estimates for 2019 and revised estimates for 2009 to 2018. This has resulted in expenditure figures for inbound tourism being revised upwards by a significant margin – ie., the expenditure figure for 2018 has been increased by 18%In relation to the 2019 figures, overseas visitors spent £26.5 billion in the UK under the new methodology compared to the £22.9 billion under the old methodology. The other important point to note is that the IPS survey has, unsurprisingly, been suspended since March (the figures up to March will be published in July) and there is, as yet, no date set for the survey to be restarted.

There were 93.1 million visits overseas by UK residents in 2019, an increase of 3% compared with 2018. UK residents spent £62.3 billion on visits overseas in 2019, an increase of 7% compared with 2018.

SEE here for the full report:

Travel trends 2019
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Consumer Sentiment Research

With businesses starting to think about how they might reopen after 4th July, one of the main tools they will need in insights on consumer sentiment. To help with this BVA-BDRC are publishing weekly research briefings that track consumer sentiment in relation to tourism and leisure. These reports contain a wealth of information but are a bit big to attach so you can download this week’s research briefing.

For the overseas destination report recently shared with ANTOR members see below:

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Older travellers mood

Results of a survey completed by over 800 older travellers between 15-30 April 2020 about how Coronavirus has affected their holiday plans and future travel intentions.

Key findings include: 

52% have not been affected at all by the economic implications of Covid-19 and another 30% are cautious but not feeling the pinch. Only 4% say that they have been hard hit economically 55% expect that travel will return to a version of ‘normal’ in 2021 81% are keen to travel again, of which 36% don’t see any change at all in their plans 

The survey findings also identify four emerging categories of older travellers:

The stay-at-home NestersThe cautious Belt & BracersThe optimistic Believers The get-out-there Avengers

Please read the full report here

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