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Updated: Jul 29, 2020

By campaigning during covid-19, you are not only sharing your voice with the world, but you can also grow an active online community. That’s why Representation Plus encouraged the two associations that they run the Secretariat for ANTOR and The Tourism Society to shift online within one week of lock-down. We set up weekly virtual meetings for both organisations to support their members during the shock of covid-19. These meetings attracted up to 75 participants every week. We invited speakers, panelists and set-up debates for both organisations with leaders in different sectors of the industry, providing market updates, advice and opinions.

Out of these discussions came two campaigns. The Tourism Society campaigned to urge the government to review whether Visit England is fit for purpose in these challenging times and ANTOR campaigned for the government to relax quarantine rules for low-risk countries, joining the bigger industry voice. Both campaigns were picked up across the trade press and by over 50 UK radio stations including LBC and SkyTV News.

We have introduced a new Linkedin closed user group for Tourism Society members to continue communicating and campaigning as one voice.

What can you do to get your voice heard?


You need to find a campaign that is relevant to your community. If one already exists support the campaign e.g with UNWTO or WTTC build a campaign around it and explain what you are doing to support it. Or find your own homegrown campaign that will emotionally connect with your customers.

For example help to educate furloughed agents by providing webinars,

Our purpose is to shift tourism for tomorrow's adventure, our campaign will be part of a global campaign "Unite on Purpose", bringing together 5000+ businesses through a unique trading platform "BoBEarth". Watch this space #jointhequietrevolution

We would love to hear your examples of the campaigns you have been doing during covid-19.

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